KSB Bellow Seal Valves PN16/25 Germany. BOA-H

Van Cầu Hơi KSB - Bellow Seal Valves PN16 ĐỨC Van Cầu KSB Hay Còn Gọi Là Van Hơi Gang KSB Bellow Seal PN16, PN25 Đức hãng Van KSB Chất Lượng Cao Giá Cạnh Tranh

KSB Bellow Seal Valves PN16/25 Germany. BOA-H
Actuator options available ex works: No
Body design: Angle patten body; Straight patten body
Bonnet design: Bonnet
Dimension standard: EN 558- 1/1 ISO 5752/1
Handwheel movememt: Non- rising
Valve disc/plug material: Metal- to-metal seat
Threaded-end design: Flange design
Stem sealing: Bellows with back- up gland packing
Body material (EN standard): JS 1025; JL 1040
DN max.: 350 - DN min.: 15
eClass assignment: 37010201
Main applications: Industry and process engineering; Oil / Gas;Building services
Body material: Cast iron; Nodular cast iron
PN max.: 25
Maximum temperature: 350 °C
Minimum temperature: -10 °C